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Worlds Links

The War of the Worlds Music
An Introduction In 2005
The War Of The Worlds Live 2006
Part 1:
The Eve of the War
Horsell Common and the Heat Ray
The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
Forever Autumn
The Thunder Child
Part Two:
The Red Weed : Part 1
The Spirit of Man
The Red Weed: Part 2
Brave New World
Dead London
The Epilogue
The Cast
H.G. Wells 1866-1946.
The Martian Fighting Machine
Worlds Links

The Funny Moustache

Canals and Such

some history of
canals in the UK

has a page on
the Regents Canal,
mentioned in
The War of the Worlds

the expansion of our
Where Other Waters Flow
webpage, into a full website

a page on the canals of England,
from our The Prospect Before Us website

Forever Knight
a number of websites are
still available about this
justifiably remembered
and still watched, Canadian
television series. Here are
the best of them.

this site hasn't been updated recently
but there are some interesting takes
on Forever Knight, making it
well worth a visit

a well put together fan site,with
lots of useful and interesting stuff,
that advertises itself as
The First Unofficial
Forever Knight Website


you'll see!

the bringer of war

NASA's site

The European Space Agency

This is a comprehensive year-by-year
survey of the planet Mars and its
influence in the history of
science and culture.

This global community spans students, professors,
and scientists alike with a common interest
in colonizing and terraforming Mars. 
Visitors have the chance to share their ideas
in these evolving fields, knowing that the issues
they discuss are (literally) writing the books on Mars.
While the Mars Society specializes in
getting humans to Mars, 
this organisation specialises in
what they will do once they get there.
If you're looking to share your thoughts
on colonization or terraforming, or
if you are simply here to learn,
this just the website for you!

The Purpose of the Mars Society
is to further the goal of
the exploration and settlement
of the Red Planet


articles and links from Gary Herzenstiel.
books for sale to phonograph collectors.
Tim Gracyk's home page with articles
about phonographs and old records.
US-based website offering new,
rare, collectible and hard-to-find
vinyl records and CDs.
US site selling used audio books.
information, sounds, history,
vintage advertisements,
labels and services.
International 78rpm mail auctions
and discographies.
online gateway to
UK record shops,
record dealers and
record collecting.
The Sound Archive holds over a million discs,
185,000 tapes, and many other sound
and video recordings.
The collections come from all over the world
and cover the entire range of recorded sound
from music, drama and literature,
to oral history and wildlife sounds.
They range from cylinders made in the late 19th century
to the latest CD, DVD and minidisc recordings. 
They keep copies of commercial recordings
issued in the United Kingdom,
together with selected commercial recordings
from overseas, radio broadcasts and
many privately-made recordings.

dedicated to the hobby of collecting
phonograph cylinder records.
designed to make collecting music
online a little easier.
international dealers in
vintage 78rpm and cylinder
phonograph records.
Ruth Lambert's collection of
gramophone needle tins.
information, sounds, photographs and links.
list of members and links to their websites.
online magazine.
worldwide links from this Finnish site.
a small community of record collectors
 interested in the pursuit of knowledge
and the acquisition of vinyl records.
site dealing with out-of-print vinyl.
online shop specializing in
mechanical collectible items.
online shop.
specialists in rare and
deleted vinyl from
the 1970s to today.

Other Channels,
Different Worlds

The Nineteenth Century

an excellent listing from the
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

War of the Worlds Music

Summer 2005

the official website for
this remarkable piece of music

Worlds In General

pre-production notes
and sketches for a live action
version of The War of The Worlds

the Classics Illustrated edition
this is truly an incredible find
Dark Horse Comics rendition of
The War of The Worlds.

near Woking in Surrey
The site of the landing of the
first cylinder from Mars

a page from our Walk Awhile website

The Reference Desk

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