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The Epilogue

The War of the Worlds Music
An Introduction In 2005
The War Of The Worlds Live 2006
Part 1:
The Eve of the War
Horsell Common and the Heat Ray
The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
Forever Autumn
The Thunder Child
Part Two:
The Red Weed : Part 1
The Spirit of Man
The Red Weed: Part 2
Brave New World
Dead London
The Epilogue
The Cast
H.G. Wells 1866-1946.
The Martian Fighting Machine
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Pasadena Control: It's looking good. It's going good. We're getting great pictures here at NASA Control, Pasadena. The landing-craft touched down on Mars 28 kilometers from the aim-point. We're looking at a remarkable landscape, littered with different kinds of rocks-red, purple...How 'bout that, Bermuda?
Bermuda Control: Fantastic! Look at the dune-field.

Pasadena Control: Hey, wait. I'm getting a no-go signal. Now I'm losing on of the craft. hey, Bermuda, you getting it?

Bermuda Control: No, I lost contact. There's a lot of dust blowing up there.

Pasadena Control: Now I've lost the second craft. We got problems.

Bermuda Control: All contact lost, Pasadena. Maybe the antenna's...

Pasadena Control: What's that flare? A green flare, coming from Mars, kind of a green mist behind it. It's getting closer. You see it, Bermuda? Come in, Bermuda! Houston, come in! What's going on? Tracking station 43, Canberra, come in, Canberra! Tracking station 63, can you hear me, Madrid? Can anybody hear me? Come in, Come in...


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