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The War Of The Worlds Live 2006

The War of the Worlds Music
An Introduction In 2005
The War Of The Worlds Live 2006
Part 1:
The Eve of the War
Horsell Common and the Heat Ray
The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
Forever Autumn
The Thunder Child
Part Two:
The Red Weed : Part 1
The Spirit of Man
The Red Weed: Part 2
Brave New World
Dead London
The Epilogue
The Cast
H.G. Wells 1866-1946.
The Martian Fighting Machine
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Inspired by the classic HG Wells novel, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds will head for Birmingham’s NEC Arena on April 19 2006. With plans to have five Martian Fighting Machines as tall as 30 feet, a Martian Handling and Flying machine and the Thunder Child Frigate, it promises to be truly spectacular – and, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, Richard Burton’s original performance will be brought back to life!
“This large-scale show is somewhere between a rock concert and very large-scale theatre production,” explains Jeff Wayne who will be conducting The Black Smoke Band and the 48 piece ULLAdubULLA Strings (pronounced as one word: oole-dub-oole) along with special guest Justin Hayward.The show follows the multi-award winning classic album that has become the biggest selling re-issue album this year, and now includes a prequel showing Mars suffering from severe ecological problems forcing the Martians to leave the planet.

April 2006

Thursday 13 April 2006 - Bournemouth BIC
Friday 14 April 2006 - Brighton Centre
Saturday 15 April 2006 - Bournemouth BIC SOLD OUT
Sunday 16 April 2006 - Cardiff International Arena
Tuesday 18 April 2006 -
London Royal Albert Hall SOLD OUT
Wednesday 19 April 2006 - Birmingham NEC Arena
Thursday 20 April 2006 - Nottingham Arena
Saturday 22 April 2006 - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
Sunday 23 April 2006 - Manchester MEN Arena
Tuesday 25 April 2006 – Wembley Arena
Thursday 27 April 2006 - Newcastle Arena
Friday 28 April 2006 - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
Saturday 29 April 2006 - Sheffield Arena

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